Her{connect}Her Mobile Digital Stories

As part of our transformational workshops, which foster understanding of compassion, in-depth life histories, and needs assessment, young women who participate in Her{connect}Her create digital stories on mobile phones, communicating their lived experiences and forming community.

BB, from Iraq, currently in Greece

HH, from Syria, currently in Greece


JS, from Cameroon, currently in France

We asked: 

Do you feel you gave something to other young women? 

JS told us through an interpreter: 

"Yeah, she felt that she gave something to young women... She wants them to understand that whatever happens in life, to keep strong and to continue in life. And it's not like you're going to forget or when it's passed, it's going to be behind you. No, you live with it. You're never going to forget, but you have to live your life, do things. You have to keep walking, keep doing things, and have rage to make us go forward."


DB, from Greece, currently in Sweden

We asked: 

How do you feel about yourself after Her{connect}Her?
DB told us: 

"I feel more strength in me... I can now maybe talk about this to someone else again, share my experience, which I didn't do that often... I'm a little bit more open to this kind of process of talking things out." 


AJ, from Cameroon, currently in France

We asked:

Why did you choose to share this story?

AJ told us:

"I choose that one, because... people always look down on others, not even knowing the person who is in front of them... It makes other people feel like, 'I am not important to the society... I don't have value. I can't do anything for myself.' You see? And it makes people go back into themselves to feel really, very small and does no effort to change the situation... So, that's why I choose this story, because it can help all the people."


WR, from Saudi Arabia, currently in the U.K.

We asked: 

Do you feel like you've contributed in some way to other young women by doing this program?
WR told us: 

"I hope so. I hope it does reach somebody who felt like me ten years ago. And she doesn't need to stay in that relationship with whoever it is. Your future might look blank at that point, but once you take a big step, there will be a guiding light." 


CL, from South East Europe, currently in the U.K.

We asked:

Why did you tell this story?

CL told us:

"[So people can] learn something from it... To help especially kids and women if they [are in] our situation." 

We asked:

Do you have any advice for women in your situation?

CL told us:

"To be strong... to carry on for things they want in their life... to not give up." 


KC, from Nigeria, currently in the U.K.

We asked: 

Why did you tell that story? What do you want other people to take from it?
KC told us:

"For them to know that wherever you've found yourself, you have to be patient and be happy, and know that one day, things will get better." 

We asked:

Where does this strength come from?

KC told us:

"I realized that with God, all things are possible. When you hold onto God... you make everything possible. And, the first thing to do is for you to love yourself."